ocean grove NJ, lost ring in surf

jersey shore lost

Ally called and said her husband lost his wedding ring about an hour prior, throwing a football down by the waters edge with his son. She knew the general area and had it marked well, but was concerned because the tide was rising, and there was a rough surf from the south east winds that were blowing. I told her I could be there in about 30 minutes, and rather than waiting for the next low tide, we needed to get moving ASAP, or it would most likely get pulled down past the drop off where it would get buried and out of reach of my machine. When I arrived Ally and Tom discussed how the ring flew off, and that she had briefly seen it while looking, but the waves made it quickly disappear. There was quite a huge audience of sunbathers watching, as I started my search in waste deep water, figuring that was the most likely spot the ring would have settled. The waves were making this a very challenging recovery, but in just a short while the ring was in my scoop. All eyes were on me and I knew I had to get it on the first scoop, or it would possibly slide down below the drop-off. I walked up out of the waves, held up the scoop, and Ally, Tom, and their family were shocked, along with the audience patiently waiting to see the ring. Another fantastic recovery.

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