Ocean gate NJ, wedding ring lost in bay

Andrew called asking about locating his wedding ring he lost in the bay the night before. We talked for a while, and he was positive of the location the ring popped of while catching a football.  He said it was in chest deep water, and he had pictures of exactly when it came off. I met him at the house a few hours later, got my gear together, and we walked out to the spot.  Well, the water was quite rougher and deeper than it was the prior evening, but we continued the search with no luck, as he stood in the exact spot, he said it flew off. After 2 hours we threw in the towel and decided to resume searching in the morning at low tide. I brought my weight belt to hold me down, and a buoy to mark the spot. After about an hour I got a strong signal that turned out to be his ring. Turns out it was closer to chin/shoulder deep where it was lost, and low tide with no boat traffic allowed me to get his ring in my scoop in roughly 5′ of water.  Definitely one of the more challenging recoveries, due to the water depth, and not being able to see my equipment on the bottom.  Andrew and his wife were totally amazed. 

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