point pleasant beach NJ, Lost ring

Thomas called about locating a ring that was dropped in the sand earlier that day. Sophia had accidently dropped her rings in the sand, and while sifting around for quite some time, was able to locate one, but had no luck finding the other ring. We arranged to meet at the beach entrance because there was no way I would be able to find them on a beach that was that packed. As we walked down to his location he explained the details a little more, and I was able to get right to work. I had them pull the chairs and bags back so my machine wouldn’t get any false signals, from any metallic items they had. Sophia thought they would be just beyond the edge of their towel, and she wasn’t to far off. A few swings out past the edge of the towel I got the signal I was waiting for. Another ring, rescued from the white sand beaches of New Jersey.

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