seaside park NJ, phone lost in sand

ANYTHING METALLIC CAN BE RECOVERED!!!!! I got a call from Steve about a cell phone his wife had lost at the beach. He sounded pretty nervous, and explained that the tide was washing over the spot it was lost. I told him I would be there in about 20 min, and to stop digging with the shovel in fear that it would get broken, and the salt water would ruin it. When I arrived there was a small moon creator where he had been digging. Steve explained his wife was doing a sand heart video when the hole caved in, which was about 2′ deep. Then a few large waves washed over it and made it next to impossible for her to continue looking, that’s when she called him for help and the shovel. After a quick search of the area I came up empty handed. Unfortunately after slowly digging and searching it was still no where to be found, and he decided to give up. He messaged me the next day with a picture he didn’t know existed and it showed his wife about 3′ east of the area we had previously looked. To top that off it was right where he had put a large pile of sand to block the rising tide. He picked me up the next evening and the phone was found in about 5 minutes. Steve couldn’t believe how quick it went once we were searching in the right spot.

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