Harvey cedars NJ, lost ring at the beach

Henry was over on LBI when his Texas A+M ring fell in the sand and disappeared, while enjoying the day with the family. Henry explained that he had taken it off while he was fishing, and put it in the chair cup holder. The chair had tipped over and when he looked for the ring it had disappeared into the sand. They had dug around for a bit with no luck, so he decided to call a professional. He had gotten my name from one of the locals, who mentioned the many successful recoveries I have. I told him it would be about 30/45 min depending on the holiday traffic. When I arrived he pointed to the chair the ring was in, and the area he had been looking. Just like Henry said, the ring was right there, but it had sunk about 8″ inches or more in the soft sand. We snapped a few pictures, and he gave me the thumbs up “Gig’em” Aggies sign.

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