lavallette NJ, lost ring in water

Caroline contacted me about a ring that slipped between the boards on her dock, and landed on the bottom of her lagoon. She said it was about 2 years ago, and wondered if I was able to recover it. I asked her some questions, and determined that I needed to come out and confirm a few things before agreeing to do the search. We decided it was worth a try, and I would attempt ASAP. After 2 weeks we met at the house, and i suited up and got into the water. It was just workable at a depth of 5 1/2′. I searched for about 45 min and not one signal that even sounded close to a ring. She told me to give up, but I wont quit, knowing the ring had to be there someplace. I worked out past the dock about 2′ where I got a solid tone that I knew was the ring. I had to put on a weight belt once I started to dig, and that didn’t work so good either. I decided to drag the ring back under the dock where it would be much easier to work. That took another 30 min. and FINALLY the ring was in my scoop. Unfortunately Caroline had to leave, so she was reunited with the ring at a later date. I guess the prop wash over the years pushed the ring out to where it was located.

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