lavallette NJ, lost ring at beach

Renee called about her beautiful Cartier ring that slipped off her finger while her and many friends were having “Sunday Funday” on the beach in Lavallette NJ. It was getting dark, I told her not to move from the area, and I would be there in about 40 min. When I arrived, they were all sitting in a circle, enjoying the end of a fabulous day, under the full moon. She had the spot marked with some empty cans, and about 3′ from where she thought she was sitting my machine gave a loud solid signal, which I def knew was her ring. They said NO way you have my ring, I replied with “you have some tiny fingers” seconds later they were all jumping around with excitement. Somewhere if the excitement I became “Dr. Ring Finder”. This was funniest and happiest bunch I have encountered in quite a long time.

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