Lavallette NJ, Necklaces and Pendants accidently dumped into lagoon.

I received a call from AnnMarie about some items that were accidentally dumped into her lagoon. She had seen one of my stories about a water recovery, and figured it was worth giving me a call. She explained what had happened. Over 2 months prior her daughter was at the beach, and had placed her jewelry in her beach bag for safe keeping while she went into the water. At the end of the day, she placed her beach items in the back yard by the deck, and went inside the house. AnnMarie figured she would help and accidentally dumped her necklaces into the lagoon while dumping the sand out of the beach bag. At that point she figured they were gone, until she saw my post detailing a very similar recovery. I knew they were right up against the bulkhead after she explained in detail exactly what she had done. We basically decided to do the recovery but didn’t decide when, as I am in her area quite often. Ann sent me the address an told me it would be fine to go, even though they would not be home. I had some time a few days later, and swung by to look. Conditions were perfect, and about 35 min into the search I had both necklaces. She had no idea that I had gone and I decided to snap a few pics and shoot them over to her. AnnMarie was shocked to say the least, we made arrangements to mail them back to her, and in just a few days they were back for safe keeping. Thank you again, so glad I was able to help.

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