holgate nJ, LBI, lost ring at beach

Sarah called about her wedding ring she lost in the sand. She was down on Holgate beach in LBI NJ when they dropped out of her pocket after removing her phone. She found 2, but one was no where to be found. It worked out good as I was on my way over to LBI doing another recovery. I called when I was done and we met on the beach. We talked a bit going over the details of where it was lost, and the makeup of the ring, so I would know what signal to listen for. In just a few short swings I got a signal, exactly where she showed me. I didn’t think it would be her ring because she said hers was gold, and this was a much lower tone. I was expecting foil, but after the sand emptied out, much to my surprise there was a ring in the bottom of my scoop. We confirmed the shape and diamond pattern, and bingo, this was her ring.

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