Seaside Heights, NJ – Lost Wedding Band

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I received a call from Jay about locating his wedding ring that had flown off his hand while brushing some sand off his son earlier in the day. He was positive of the location, which was just behind where their chairs and stuff were set up on the beach. I told him I would head right out, and would be there ASAP, but the traffic was pretty bad, and to just be patient. About 30 min. later he met me in the parking lot, we talked a bit about the events leading up to the ring flying of his hand as we walked down the path to the area where they were it happened. He showed me the circle where he believed the ring should be, which was about 20′ in diameter, but he had no luck locating it prior to me arriving. I did a complete search of the area Jay had pointed out, but the ring was not there, so I asked him to duplicate the exact motions when the ring slipped off his finger. He was facing the water, and with his demonstration I immediately knew which direction to expand my search. On a narrow path about 5′ from the original search area, the ring was in my scoop. Jay was very surprised how far the ring had traveled, but very grateful to have it back. Many times when recovering items you have to look beyond the obvious.

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