Lavallette NJ, wedding ring lost at beach

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    I received a call late one evening from Lisa. She had just arrived back home after a nice weekend at the beach with her family. She was entering the water holding hands with her daughter, and when she bent down to grab a shell, their hands slipped apart, and off the ring slid. With the waves washing up, it immediately disappeared, to who knows where. After looking for quite a bit with no luck, they had to pack up and head home. She knew all the right things to do to mark the location, which she conveyed to me on the phone, and we agreed to give it a shot on the next low tide. Its obvious now she had the spot marked perfectly, because I had the ring within 45 min of starting my search. It was to far for Lisa to travel, so we decided the best thing would be for me to mail them back, so I packed them up, and by the next morning they were back where they belong. 

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