Lavallette NJ – lost wedding ring at the beach

Nam called wondering if I would be able to help find a wedding ring that slipped off her finger. They were enjoying a fantastic day at the beach when one of the guys in their group went into the water. He took off his wedding ring and handed it to Nam, so he didn’t loose it in the ocean. She place it on her thumb as it was quite large, and headed back to the area all friends were sitting. After a short while Nam realized the ring was missing, and it must have slipped off her thumb, due to it being quite large. This happens often, as its not something your used to wearing. Anyhow, we decided it would be best if I came out right away, even though the beach was packed, because she was certain of the few spots it could be. I parked my truck at their house, and we walked down to the beach, and holly cow was it ever packed. I told her to walk the exact same path and I would follow right behind. I was getting signals from every chair, umbrella, etc, all the way along the path, but nothing that sounded like the ring we were searching for. When we got to the spot where she was sitting, I searched that entire area and still came up empty handed. A few people graciously moved back a bit and bingo, there it was, very close to a chair that had overpowered the signal of the ring. The entire area gave an applause of success, like being on the edge of your seat in a movie. It was lunch time, so everyone walked back to the house, where I gladly accepted their offer for some lunch and a cold drink.

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