Lavallette NJ, Found Phone

Tony was doing some surf fishing in Lavallette NJ early one Saturday morning with his buddies. It was pretty close to high tide when he realized his phone was missing, but he wasn’t quite sure where it could be. He looked everywhere possible when he figured it must have fallen out somewhere in the water while he was fishing. Losing a phone can be very devastating with all the pictures, videos, and other information that can be stored on them now. Needless to say this was the situation with Tony, especially the pictures and videos of friends and family that can NEVER be replaced. Luckily I was able to locate his phone during the next low tide, about 20′ down the hill, right where the low tide waves were breaking. It was already buried in the sand over 12″, and prob. very close to being lost for ever. Time is so important when recovering lost items in the surf or ocean, that is why you need to call ASAP when an item is lost.

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