Ocean beach NJ – Cross and chain lost

Ed called about his beautiful chain and cross that disappeared into the sand while they were at the beach. He had given it to his wife for safe keeping while he went in the water. Somehow during a fantastic beach day it went missing. Ed explained the only place it could be was in the area of their towels and chairs, and positively not in the water. I arranged to meet Ed and his family on the beach in Lavallette, later that evening when some of the traffic cleared. They had already marked out the area, which had some fixed landmarks close by, and are always a big plus. I boxed out the perimeter, and when I got to the original starting point, and turned in just a bit to take my second swipe, I got a nice low steady signal that had cross and chain singing in my headphones. Bingo !!! just as I thought, it was in the scoop. The chain had snuck through the scoop, which his wife quickly spotted shining in the light.

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