toms river NJ, lost ring in yard

Anita called and asked if I would be able to locate her sons wedding ring that was lost in her yard, while they were watching the fireworks last week. She explained that the yard was pretty big, and that they had already rented a metal detector, and had no luck finding the ring. I asked if she was positive the ring was lost in the yard, and she said yes, he was swatting a bug with his left hand and felt it fly off. I told her I was confident I would find it, and ill head right over if she wanted. When I got there she showed me where he was sitting, and how he swatted at the bug. I started looking in the direction he had swung, working my way down the slope, toward the water. After about 20′ or so I started getting discouraged, but continued about 15′ more. There were numerous signals in the area, but only a few that even remotely sounded like a large platinum ring. I walked back up to talk to Anita, and confirm what she had said prior. This time she mentioned the chair was facing the river, which was 90* from the way it was facing, and that meant the ring was to the left!! I told her that makes a huge difference, and we were not searching the right spot. About 8′ on the first pass and BOOM, there was the loud tone of a big ring. Sure enough, that was it.

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