Lavallette NJ – Lost cross and chain in the sand

Got a call from Allison about a cross and chain lost in the sand, in Lavallette NJ. She said her son Jake was there with some friends, and before entering the water, he removed it and wrapped it up in his towel for safe keeping. Later on he remembered it was in the towel, but after looking around for quite a while it was nowhere to be found. After digging around the entire area with no luck, they used a metal detector, and had the same results. I met them on the beach, and they had the entire area marked out which is always a good thing. After searching the area in two directions with no luck, we decided to look to the south, which was the opposite side of where the towel was positioned in the first location. A few feet into the new area I received a faint but solid tone, and bingo, there it was. Most likely Jake came out of the water an grabbed the towel, and by the time it was opened enough for the cross to fall out he was about 25′ of so from the original location.

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