beach haven NJ, LBI, bangle bracelet lost on beach

Got a call from Camille Saturday evening. She had lost her bangle bracelet, but wasn’t sure where. She did have a picture from the night before, which was taken on Brant Beach (LBI) NJ. We figured that was a good place to start. They marked the location in google maps and sent it to me. I arrived at the beach ASAP and after about 1 1/2 hrs. I had no luck finding it. She came down to look where I had been, and we made a few adjustments to the search location. Within 15 min. I had one half of this beautiful Cartier love bracelet in my scoop, and about 10 min later both half’s were safely in my pouch. I walked up to the house to meet her, and told her she wasn’t in the spot she believed she was. With that said, Camille looked down and said, “I guess you had no luck”. I replied, “you were 10′ over” and handed her the bracelet. What a weekend, her birthday was Saturday, her lost bracelet was found, and today her grandson is expected to arrive !!!!!!!!!.

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