lavallette NJ, wedding ring lost in lagoon

I received a call from Derek about the possibilities of recovering his ring from a very wide lagoon. He explained exactly what had happened, and he knew right when the ring came off his finger. Water recoveries are extremely challenging to begin with, but add in the fact he and his buddies were racing to the other side and back, and this one becomes almost impossible. Well, as the conversation continues, I discover Derek had quite a bit of pertinent information which is needed to even consider this recovery. I asked him to supply me with everything he had, which included many pictures, and probably the deciding factor to move forward with this recovery,  was the video of them racing to the other side. That was the spot where the ring had come off. I asked him to give me a few days to review everything, which he agreed to, as the ring was not going anywhere . After looking at all the information given I called Derek and explained this would be extremely complicated, but as long as he was positive the ring came off right when he stopped swimming , we should definitely give it a try. We cleared it with the homeowner, and set up the date to do the recovery. Once there a buoy was dropped just past precise location, and a guide line was placed on the bottom and secured back at the dock. With near zero visibility, on the 3rd pass back, we got a promising hit just before the buoy. After fanning the target a bit, you could just make out the ring.  This all happened in roughly 55 min from start to finish. Had there not been the pictures and video his ring would still be on the bottom of the bay/lagoon. Huge shout out to Buzz, couldn’t have done this one without you.

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