Holmdel NJ, wedding ring lost in field

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 I received a call from a gentleman who was inquiring about my ring finding service. He was basically gathering information for his son, Nick. He explained that Nick was off loading some hay bales,  when one of the strings grabbed his wedding ring and flung it out into the cow pasture. We discussed how my services work, which he felt was extremely reasonable. His one main concern was that they had been looking for the ring about 1 week already, with a pretty decent metal detector, and had absolutely no luck finding it. He was wondering if the same thing would happen when I came in to try and locate the ring. I had explained that unless you are extremely experienced in recovering lost items, it could be very challenging, especially in a cow pasture with about a week of rain. Talk about smelly and muddy to say the least. He was going to talk it over with his son, and assured me I would most likely get a phone call in the next day or so. This was a private location so there was no rush. As  figured, Nick sent me a text asking if I wanted to give it a shot, to which I replied, absolutely! Nick’s one concern was being he had no luck, what do I think the odds of me finding the ring were. I assured Nick that if he was 100% positive his ring came off in the manner that was explained the night before, I was just about that positive I would be able to recover his ring. We made arrangements to meet after work that day. Once I arrived I put on my boots and out to the location we went. Again, as I do  with every,  I went over and over again exactly what, where, and how the ring flew off. After about 25 minutes covering every inch in multiple directions, all I had was a pouch full of trash. Actually, I was starting to think his ring may have not came off where he said. We took a few steps back to survey the location, and the only thing possible was the hay trailer was about 10’ or so closer to the road side of the field. I worked one or two paths from the already covered spot, and my machine let out the sweet sound of success!!!! I bent over and pushed the slop around until my pin pointer held a steady sound, and just as I figured, there was Nicks ring. I so so love when my clients are positive they know when their items fly off. Thank you again Nick, it was a pleasure.

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